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Top 10 memory card brands
2022-06-10 15:40:02

Have you found that the memory of our mobile phone configuration can not meet our diversified needs. So we have to buy the memory card again. So what brand of memory card is better? What are the brands of memory card? China brand network editor will tell you through the top ten memory card brands of mobile phones.

1. Kingston (global memory leader)
2. KINGMAX (a well-known best-selling brand)
3. SanDisk Xinda (the world's largest flash product supplier)
4. Nokia Nokia mobile memory card (1957 Finnish brand, leading mobile phone brand)
5. Samsung mobile memory card (started in 1938 in Korea, world brand)
6. Lexar (world famous brand of digital storage products)
7. Sony (world leader in audiovisual / entertainment / portable)
8. Toshiba (Japanese brand, world brand)
9. Panasonic (China famous brand, world brand)
10. PQI (famous brand of flash card / mobile memory card, Jinyong Technology)
The above is about the mobile phone top ten memory card brand leaderboard all content introduced, hoped this article has the help function to everybody.

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