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Top 10 LCD brands
2022-06-10 15:39:52

What brand of liquid crystal display is good? What brand of liquid crystal display is there? The display is an important part of the computer, its quality, our vision has its own perception. The following small edition of China's brand network sorted out the top ten LCD brands for you, hoping to help you choose which brand of LCD display is better.

1 Sony liquid crystal display (started in Tokyo in 1946, leading global brand of high-end imaging)
2 Samsung LCD (started in 1938 in Korea, world brand)
3 LG LCD (1947 Korea, world brand)
4 Maya display (Apple partner)
5 ViewSonic LCD (top professional display brand in the United States in 1990)
6 Philips LCD (started in 1891 in the Netherlands, world brand)
7 BenQ LCD (founded in 1984 in Taiwan, world brand)
Acer LCD (1976 Taiwan, world brand)
9 AOC TPV LCD (Taiwan, world brand in 1980s)
Great Wall LCD (1986, national brand)

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