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Memory card data recovery skills
2022-06-10 15:39:30

Memory card data recovery skills

Many people may encounter the prompt of SD card error when using the memory card. Many people do not know what to do but format it directly. Then, what should I do when there is an error message in the memory card? How can I recover when there is an error in the memory card? I'll introduce the data recovery skills of the memory card with the small edition of China brand network. China brand
1. Fault phenomenon
When the SD card is inserted into the computer through the card reader, the prompt "format or not" appears on the computer. When the SD card is inserted into the camera, the "SD card error" appears again, and the photos in the card are not visible.
2. Troubleshooting
When the multi-purpose card reader is used to access the computer, the drive letter of the SD card will appear, and the prompt "format or not" will appear after double clicking. As the multi-purpose card reader is normal, the estimated causes are: SD card has problems, SD card has viruses, SD card file deconstruction is damaged, etc. Since the data in the SD card cannot be read out, format it. After the operation, double-click to open the drive letter of the SD card. There is no data on the card. Then, use the recovery myfiles software to completely format and recover the SD card, copy the recovered files to the SD card, insert the SD card into the digital camera, test and operate normally, and the data recovery is completed.
3. Fault analysis
The recovered SD card was detected by virus detection, and virus damage was excluded. Later, it was tested on the computer and found that the drive letter of SD card appeared. Double click the drive letter and the prompt "format or not" appeared. Check the properties. The capacity of the card increased to 544gb, while the actual capacity was 2GB, so the format operation could not be completed. The SD card is replaced by the multi-purpose reader, and the recovered data is found to be completely correct. Prove that there is a problem with the large capacity display card reader.
4. Tips for editing
(1) When using the mobile storage device to operate on the computer, plug and unplug the device according to the program, do not be afraid of trouble.
(2) When using the mobile storage device and the card reader, the genuine products with the company logo shall be used, especially the simple (10 yuan) card reader shall be avoided as far as possible.
(3) In case that the drive letter, data cannot be opened, disorderly code, and the capacity of the disk is 0 byte, the data shall be recovered and saved by using the file recovery software before maintenance.
(4) When the mobile storage device fails to detect the drive letter, prompts whether to format, cannot format, cannot copy, I / O error, and the red light flashes rapidly all the time, use the UNSD tool to repair the disk. If it fails, contact the professional maintenance or dealer to replace the product.

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